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Welcome to the CABLE SYSTEMS
Centre of Competence.

We offer medium and high voltage engineered solutions for cable accessories for virtually all applications up to 300 kV. All accessories use a silicone rubber insulating medium because of its outstanding properties. We offer components and complete systems, installation and advisory services, worldwide.

CONNEX. A Dry, Separable Connector System for Medium and High-Voltage Networks.

CONNEX products provide a universal system of separable connectors: fully insulated with grounded metal housings. It is virtually maintenance free, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and water resistant. CONNEX can be used even under extreme temperatures, from -25°C up to +50°C (-10° up to +120°F).

MV-CONNEX products for medium voltage system (up to 52 kV) include traditional plug and socket combinations, as well as multiple sockets, busbar connectors, surge arresters and voltage detectors.

HV-CONNEX products for high voltage systems up to 245 kV are factory tested, and surprisingly simple to install. Working in difficult oil and gas environments during installation of transformers and gas insulated switchgears is finally a thing of the past.

IXOSIL. Cable Terminations.

The extensive range of terminations will handle almost all applications. The silicone rubber insulating medium enables IXOSIL products to be ideally suited for outdoor use. Self-supporting oil-filled terminations are available with silicone rubber coated or porcelain housings. Special designs for indoor use complete the product range.

IXOSIL. Slip-on Joints.

IXOSIL silicone rubber joints can be used to join all XLPE and EPR insulated cables within the range of 72.5 – 300 kV. Two designs are available: the compact one piece version, and a three piece version for connecting cables with different shielding and cross sections. Joints can be used on either aluminum or copper cables.

IXOLINE – Ready-Made Cable Systems

IXOLINE finished cable sections come with IXOSIL and / or CONNEX terminations. No special tools are required for installation. Result: increased efficiency, reduced installation time, lower costs.

Silicone – a Key Material in High-Voltage Engineering.

Silicone rubber is the perfect material for cable terminations. Water, dirt, grease and oil resistant, completely maintenance free, shock resistant and unbreakable; it is far superior to traditional materials such as porcelain. When used as a stress relief device in sealed applications, silicone performs much better than harder materials such as EPDM because it helps to even out temperature variations and unevenness in the cable surface. Silicone helps to prevent air gaps, and therefore dangerous partial discharges are avoided. PFISTERER takes extensive advantage of using advanced LSR (liquid silicone rubber) designs, and special variations are designed using RTV (room temperature vulcanizing silicone).

Worldwide Installation Services

The installation of high voltage components requires extensive knowledge and care. We share our know-how with our customers in training courses based on practical applications. If requested by the customer, we can perform installations anywhere in the world.

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