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Welcome to the COMPONENTS
Centre of Competence.

Safe, reliable power transmission in low-voltage and medium-voltage power networks needs sophisticated solutions that can not only withstand the harshest conditions but can also meet growing financial demands. Development and manufacture accordingly demand a great deal of experience and highly specialised know-how. We have packed all the knowledge we have accumulated in this specific field of application into the COMPONENTS competence centre.

More than 85 Years Experience have Shaped our Product Programme.

You will find a range of selected products here that combine innovation and tradition. COMPONENTS offers you components and systems for applications in LV and MV equipment:

Contact and connection elements for low-voltage and medium-voltage cable networks
Components and systems for low-voltage distribution
Connection and jointing elements for overhead line networks
High-current connectors for industry
Safety equipment

Our Patents have Made a Career for Themselves Worldwide.

Many of our inventions and patents have found their way into international standards, or have become industry standards. For example in the cable equipment field, the compact tap connector (SCK). In substation construction, the touchsafe cover for transformer terminals. In overheadline equipment, the insulation-piercing ABC tap connector with plastic supporting body. In distribution equipment, load breaking fuse switches and compact plastic distribution switch-boards. And in safety equipment, the singlepole phase comparator and the Continous Voltage Indicator for encapsulated systems.

Flexibility Wins Every Time!

The order of the day nowadays is economy. That's why energy suppliers are focusing more and more on modular products that can be used universally.

We are not just following the trend; with our innovations we are actively shaping it.

Contact elements using bolt technology are increasingly replacing compression technology. Our new developments show that real innovation potential is still lying dormant even in the simple screw, e. g. SICON, the connector with the first stepless shear bolt. Or ISICOMPACT, the new generation of clamping ring: unbelievably simple to install and with the widest field of application yet.

And in safety equipment too, we have gone for modularity: Variants of the KP-Test 5 portable voltage tester can be constructed quickly for different standards and national preferences.

Other industries too are increasingly reaping the benefit of PFISTERER know-how, built up over more than 85 years. We supply the railway and wind power sectors, engineering and drive manufacturers, and the shipbuilding and car manufacturing industries with customised contact elements and standard products for high-current applications. Or with PLUG: the connector system that, in just a few years, has become the standard for power supply in local and high-speed trains.
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