Contacting high-current conductors, insulating high voltages – that's our business since 1921. At all voltage levels and for all applications where high power must be transmitted reliably for decades. And not only in the electricity supply industry, but also in transportation and manufacturing.

Power networks are growing worldwide – quantitatively, qualitatively, and with more innovation.

A critical success factor here is the quality of the countless, often nondescript, interfaces within the networks. Figures prove that the connection points are the foundation for security of supply, with poor workmanship in this area causing the majority of dropouts in power grids.

PFISTERER technology guarantees quality of supply and supports the progress of the grid.

Our maintenance free contact elements have been ensuring a reliable flow of current for decades. Our high voltage products control high field strengths in confined spaces. Conceived as system solutions, they are designed to be flexible in use on a variety of lines and installations, whilst also remaining easy to install and environmentally friendly.

To ensure that we are close to the market, we are present where the market is – with our customers.

We are represented internationally with offices in 18 countries, working closely with our customers in numerous projects. By providing advice and assistance to our customers and keeping an eye on the markets, as an independent family business we can act in the best interests of our customers, thinking in the long term and acting sustainably.

The result:

New products that become industry standards. Established services that explain why we are market leaders in challenging projects. Solid innovations that represent the highest level of technology that is economically feasible. The bottom line: the best solutions for our customers' needs, both now and in the future.
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