The PFISTERER corporate group has been dealing with the interfaces in the flow of electricity ever since it was founded back in 1921. As a specialist in energy transmission and distribution, we offer our customers and business partners a range of sophisticated, future-ready products: For all voltage ranges and wherever reliable, long-lasting systems are needed for powerful energy grids. As well as the energy sector, we are also active in transport technology and industrial solutions. We are already well-established in all key global markets and are continuing to strengthen our brand on a worldwide scale.

Global demand for future-ready power grids

Global energy requirements are growing at an ever-increasing speed. Revolutions are underway all over our planet, causing the demand for electrical energy to increase even further. Be it a growing number of megacities, the boost to the international transport industry, the development of information technology, or the closer relationship between societies and industry, the direct result is the same: The world needs future-ready power grids to guarantee a safe and efficient supply of energy. And wherever this technology is required, you also need the expertise of the PFISTERER group.

Sophisticated products and services from a global market leader

Efficient contact technology for high-current lines and reliable voltage insulation – PFISTERER’s core skills form the basis for a wide spectrum of services in the field of insulator strings, cable solutions, and contact systems. Our group is the world’s largest independent producer of high-voltage cable accessories and has also assumed a leading position in the global high-voltage insulator market. We are currently one of the few providers in the world to cover the entire value-added chain, from energy production to energy distribution. PFISTERER products are used in areas such as power grids and rail catenary systems for electric railways. Our connection components are also used in industrial power units and energy supply systems. As the provider of end-to-end solutions, we are a strong player on the international market and a valued system partner.

Technical expertise is our calling card

We stay true to our roots as an independent, German-Swiss family business in everything we do. PFISTERER has long been synonymous with innovative solutions and a strong understanding of quality. Many of our innovations have gone on to become industry benchmarks, shaping international standards. Here, we rely on the hard work and commitment of our 1,200 staff members, their wealth of ideas and their understanding of responsibility to showcase our strengths. We invest constantly in their professional development and in developing our technical expertise in key areas, for example by building our own high-voltage lab or launching development projects with leading providers, such as Siemens and ABB.