Design as a Key Factor for Success: Aesthetics Meets Function

Good design is becoming increasingly important for overhead power lines. After all, acceptance by the local population is a decisive factor when it comes to the issue of energy transmission. The sleek, visually-appealing high-voltage transmission towers designed by the Danish architects Bystrup have therefore received multiple awards. However, they do put complex demands on the insulator strings.

Neither traditional glass cap insulators nor porcelain long-rod insulators were considered for the towers, either because they would not have worked or because they would have disrupted the design. The solution? Silicone-rubber long-rod insulators. Produced using the ACIM method (Automatic Continuous Injection Molding), PFISTERER has managed to create insulators up to seven meters in length. Composite insulators over four meters in length were used for the overhead lines in Denmark. Each individual insulator provides more power than several porcelain long-rod insulators put together. Good design therefore not only improves acceptance, it also improves efficiency.

At a glance

  • Aesthetic composite insulators for the Danish design office Bystrup
  • Award-winning, visually-appealing high-voltage transmission towers require new forms of insulators
  • Silicone insulators up to seven meters in length exceed the power provided by porcelain insulators several times over