Award-Worthy: IXOSIL EST Assembled in Record Time

Innovation ready for practical use: The dry IXOSIL EST termination requires no oil at all thanks to its silicone insulation. As a result, it is not only environmentally-friendly but also really easy to install. This time- and cost-saving advantage also caught the eye of the engineers at Energie- und Telecom Netze GmbH (ETN), an energy and data connection systems specialist from Austria. In comparison to conventional connections, the system quickly offers savings reaching several thousand euros.

In order to connect two different systems and, thus, maintain a secure supply from the other network in the event of an emergency, ETN installed a bypass line at Parndorf wind farm. Despite the tough conditions (making sure the parallel system remained in operation), installation only took four days instead of several weeks, as had previously been the case. That is because PFISTERER’s dry IXOSIL EST units could be mounted on the ground in advance thanks to their modular design, significantly speeding up the installation process.

At a glance

  • Installation of a bypass line at Parndorf wind farm in just a few days
  • Innovative, dry termination system is environmentally-friendly and easy to install
  • Pre-mounted modules save time and resources