Hawaii – a clean grid connection in the island paradise

With lush vegetation and an abundance of tropical flowers, the island of Kauai is one of the eight main Hawaiian islands and a unique natural paradise in the middle of the Pacific. Its isolated location is both a blessing and a challenge – particularly for local energy supplier KUIC. Fossil fuels have to be imported by ship from more than 4,000 km away. This is inefficient, expensive and causes CO2 emissions. So, by 2023, KIUC wants renewable sources to supply half its total energy needs. An innovative solar power station now stores energy from sunlight in a Tesla battery farm, so that clean electricity is available at night, too. At the same time, KIUC no longer wants to risk polluting the environment by using oil or gas-filled connection components. PFISTERER was the only supplier able to meet this requirement.


“The technology works perfectly and we can really recommend it,”

says John Cox, Engineering Manager at KIUC. “In opting for the dry terminations, we have deliberately chosen a new path and in doing so have taken an innovative decision for our industry, which has proven to be right in practice.” PFISTERER supported KIUC from planning to the complete installation of the terminations, and also assisted with the calculations for the earthing system. Thanks to the lightweight and compact design, installation was completed in a very short time. The terminations are assembled horizontally on the ground, and then lifted by crane. PFISTERER has therefore helped to make Hawaii’s “Garden Isle” a little bit greener.

Conservation and safety play an important role on the green island. The oil or gas-filled connection components typically used in U.S.-American substations always carry a risk of serious environmental impacts. Oil or gas can escape during initial installation or subsequent replacement and repair work, and there is also the possibility of leaks. PFISTERER ensures an environmentally friendly grid connection without risk, using solid-insulated IXOSIL terminations. The terminations are maintenance-free, and handling of oil or gas is not required at any time in the substation. Being explosion-proof, this forward-looking technology also offers extra protection against external influences such as vandalism or extreme natural events.

At a glance

• Hawaiian energy supplier KIUC is making environmentally friendly choices for the energy supply – with a Tesla solar storage plant and oil-free terminations by PFISTERER.

• Solid-insulated IXOSIL terminations ensure a risk-free grid connection with no danger to the environment. Thanks to the maintenance-free IXOSIL terminations, there is no need to handle oil or gas at any time.

• Worldwide, IXOSIL has been deployed reliably for decades in numerous substations and on high-voltage towers. Utility companies are increasingly showing interest in the advanced technology, which excels in terms of safety, environmental protection, and time and cost savings.