Knowing Where It’s At: High-Tech Solutions for Good Vibrations

Broken lines, cracks in foundations, loose fittings – strong winds can cause damage to overhead lines, reaching up to six figure sums. Wiener Netze, the local energy provider in Vienna, found that the overhead lines between its substations in the south-east of the city and the district of Liesing were especially high risk. Not a particularly big problem, because special damping systems could be installed to help – however, they had to be positioned in exactly the right place first.

At a glance

  • Strong winds can cause extensive damage to overhead lines
  • Damping reduces vibrations in overhead lines caused by the wind
  • Computer simulations find a suitable system and calculate the most effective attachment points
  • A vibration recorder checks the effectiveness while the system is in use

A vibration moves like a wave on the line, with starting points and apexes. If you place the damper at a starting point, it will not be activated and therefore will not work. Sophisticated computer simulations are used to find the right installation point. But first PFISTERER provides a unique service to guarantee complete safety: It uses its specially developed vibration recorder to monitor the system while in use. For a period of several months, the system records frequencies and amplitudes, wind speeds, and ambient temperatures. The result for Wiener Netze? Good vibrations all round between substations.