Next Stop: Istanbul

The timetables speak for themselves. The time it takes to travel from the Turkish capital of Ankara to the global metropolis of Istanbul has more than halved. At speeds of up to 250 km/h, rail travelers now reach their destination in just 3,5 hours instead of six to eight, as used to be the case. Valuable time saved for millions of travelers.

At a glance

  • Space-saving, custom-designed railway technology for a demanding route containing bridges and viaducts.
  • Special cantilever terminal for use in narrow spaces
  • Compact, space-saving tensioning system, the TENSOREX C+
  • Light-weight and durable terminals plus droppers and installation aids

PFISTERER’s specialist technology plays an important role in the solution. The aspects that may appear picturesque for the train’s passengers are those that make electrification of the line particularly tricky: a challenging route with lots of narrow bridges and viaducts. Using special solutions, developed with a slimline design for use in narrow spaces, the trains deliver passengers safely to their destinations right on schedule despite the tricky terrain.