Speedy Renovations: Siemens Has The Knack

New power lines and substations have been constructed in the German city of Gera in preparation for switching from the 30 kV mid-voltage range to the 110 kV national standard. To ensure speedy renovation that would have long-lasting effects, the general contractor Siemens was on the hunt for robust, installation-friendly solutions and ended up finding PFISTERER IXOSIL sliding joints.

How do you benefit? They feature a modular design with a bayonet-style connection. As a result, assembly involves just a few quick steps. Two joining elements are simply twisted together until they click into place. Simple as that. No metal clamping rings, no pipes, no flanges. And what’s more they are completely watertight. Even major projects are completed in just a few short steps.

At a glance

  • Renovation of substations and power lines in Gera by Siemens
  • Quick, simple, and long-lasting assembly using robust, modular IXOSIL joints
  • No need to fit complicated clamping rings