Under TENSOREX to the sights of Beijing

9.4 kilometres, 6 stations and a train every 4 minutes – Haidian District, in the west of Beijing, has gained a new tram line. The Beijing Western Suburban Line links Bagou with Xiangshan Park.

Xiangshan (“Fragrant Hills”) Park is one of Beijing’s most popular tourist attractions and a favourite destination for locals. Other sights also situated along the prestigious line include the Botanical Garden and the Summer Palace.

The overhead lines along the whole new route are tensioned with the innovative TENSOREX C+ spring-tensioning system by PFISTERER. It is the first time TENSOREX C+ has been installed in China. Previously, conventional wheel tensioners were used to compensate for temperature-related length changes in the overhead lines.

The client, Beijing Metropol, was particularly impressed with the compact product design and the quick and easy installation. As a scenic line as Beijing western line designed, TENSOREX totally fulfills Beijing Metropol's needThe modern spring-tensioning system is maintenance free and ensures that the tensioned cables and wires remain at a constant height despite temperature changes. A total of 40 TENSOREX C+ units have been installed on the route to Xiangshan Park.