TENSOREX in the Persian capital

Metro lines are currently being built or extended in nearly all of Iran's major cities. That includes Isfahan, the fifth-largest city in Iran and former capital of Persia. Line 1 is 15 kilometres long with a total of 15 stations, including Si-o-se-pol station, named after one of the city's landmarks, "the bridge of thirty-three spans".

The overhead lines in this prestigious station are tensioned with TENSOREX C+ by PFISTERER. Isfahan Municipality and MAPNA Group chose the innovative spring-tensioning system as the best-performing and most compact solution for this prestige metro station and the Shariati station. This is also the first time that TENSOREX C+ has been installed in the Middle East region.

"We were truly surprised at how quickly your automatic tensioning devices were fitted under harsh conditions in the tunnel. Another highlight of this event for me was how fast our staff learned to install the system - it's just amazing and makes for a good start," said project director Mr. Bagheri during TENSOREX C+ training in Isfahan.

With a population of almost 3.8 million, the Greater Isfahan Region is Iran's second biggest metropolitan region after Tehran. In 1598, Shah Abbas the Great made Isfahan the capital of Persia. In 1271, Marco Polo travelled through Isfahan on his way to Mashhad and farther along the Silk Road.