The Space-Saving Miracle of Oerlikon

It seems a shame to hide it underground. The substation in the Swiss town of Oerlikon, Zurich is modern, urban, industrial architecture at its best. Two innovations – a switching station with an environmentally-friendly insulating gas mixture and space-saving cable connection technology by PFISTERER – make it exemplary in a number of areas.

At a glance

  • PFISTERER’s innovative connection technology for power transformers and GIS save precious building space in urban centers
  • Transformer connector for the vertical connection of up to four cables in very compact spaces
  • Vertical connections help to reduce the substation’s space requirements by 70%
  • Enclosures and connection options for earthing sets allow for space-saving work without protective grating

PFISTERER literally broke new ground with the MV Connex transformer connectors developed especially for the project. A straight, vertical connector can now connect up to four cables in a compact space for the first time. Thanks to the space-saving innovations, the new substation needs just 30% of the original space, releasing 5.200 m² of valuable building space following removal of the previous outdoor substation.