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Cable Accessories for Medium Voltage Networks catalogue
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CONNEX for transformers and GIS - product information

Safety and Versatility in Substations

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EHV Cable Accessories up to 550 kV product information

 The complete range for all 300-550 kV high-voltage cables

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SICON product information

Connectors with stepless shear off bolts

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IXOSIL Dry-Type Cable Terminations Overview product information

 Dry-Type Cable Terminations for Reliable Networks

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Spacer Dampers - Product Information

For Effective Protection of Conductor Bundles

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Stockbridge Dampers - Product Information

For Effective Protection of Conductor Bundles

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Joints for High-Voltage Cables product information

Permanent and Pluggable Connections for Every Cable

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PFISTERER Upresa S.A.U., ISO 9001
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FrontCon product information

Connection and contacting technology for single-strand insulated power cables

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Vibrec 500 Rekorder - Product Information

Advanced Recorders to Measure Conductor Motions

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PFISTERER Holding AG, Winterbach

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001

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IXOSIL MSA Slip-On Joints product information

Secure and Efficient Connections

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Compact Lines

Aesthetic and economical. For advanced electricity grids.

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Adaption of Cable Accesories for Onshore and Offshore Substations

Published for INMR World Congress 2015 in Munich

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CONNEX Field Installation Solution

Mobile and Flexible Field Installation Cable Solution

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IXOSIL EST SUB and ESF - Dry Type Terminations for Substations product information

Dry type terminations for substations

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Focus on Contact

Principles of Contact Technology

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TENSOREX C+ product information

Spring Automatic Tensioning Device for Railway and Tramway Overhead Contact Lines

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PFISTERER Insulators Wunsiedel GmbH, Wunsiedel

ISO 9001, ISO 14001

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IXOSIL EST Dry Self-Supporting Termination for Towers

Dry type termination for use on high-voltage transmission towers

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PFISTERER Kontaktsysteme GmbH, Winterbach

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001

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SICON CopperTop product information

Secure conductor material transition from aluminium to copper

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PFISTERER Switzerland AG, Altdorf

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001

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PFISTERER Czech s.r.o., Kadan

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001

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Form MV-CONNEX specification
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PFISTERER Kontaktsysteme GmbH, Gussenstadt

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001

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PFISTERER Switzerland AG, Malters

 ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001

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Warning Spheres - Product Information

For Making Overhead Conductors Clearly Visible

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IXSOSIL Retrofit line Productinformation
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Offshore Windfarm

Power generation on the high seas presents huge challenges to all the parties involved. This requires reliable partners with experience

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HV-CONNEX Joint up to 72.5 kV product information

Flexible use without gas monitoring, certified for offshore use.

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Railway Infrastructure

Competent Solutions for Electric Railways and Tramways

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Datasheet HVC8

High-performance plug connector for electric commercial vehicles

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Overhead Lines - Application Information

Innovative Solutions for Distribution and Transmission Lines

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LIFE400 Software / Version

LIFE400 is an easy to use software that contains all functions needed to operate the VR400 recorders and to display the measurement data in the form of tables and diagrams.

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LIFE500 Software / Version

LIFE500 is an easy to use software that contains all functions needed to operate the VR500 recorders and to display the measurement data in the form of tables and diagrams

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IXOSIL EST SUB with Surge Arrester product information

Dry type terminations with surge arrester for substations

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ISICOMPACT Productinformation

Cable tap connector for 1 kV low-voltage powergrids

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CONNECT 2015-1

Series of Special Reports on Voltage Detectors – Part 1 | New Transformer Bushing in the MV-CONNEX System

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CONNECT 2015-2

World Firsts for New Substation in Zurich | More Flexibility for Power Transformers

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HV-Field Installation Cables product information

Secure and Reliable System Operation in Cases of Reconstructions and Incidents

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KP-Test 5 product information

 Safety and comfort at a state-of-the-art Standard

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CONNECT 2016-2 Special Editon Safety Equipment for Railway Infrastructure

Safety Equipment for Record-Breaking Tunnel | The Overhead Buzz | Fine-Tuning for Railway Giants

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2DIREKT product information

Safe and simple cable connection for transformers and busbars

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KP-Test 5D dual produkt information

Non-contact high voltage detector

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CONNECT 2016-1

Strong players in a new group | Green energy in microgrids | Flexible plug-in power transformers across the grid

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HV-CONNEX Pluggable Joints product infromation

Pluggable Connections for All Cables

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PLUG product information

Plug-In System for High-Current Applications

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Connecting joints for MV cables product information

Hybrid cold shrink joints with SICON bolted connectors

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CONNECT 2012-1

PFISTERER supplies the Global Tech I offshore wind farm | First TRANSFORM Campus | Best in Test: Insulators

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CONNECT 2014-2

At High Speed Through Turkey | Full-Service Connector Technology for Railway Substation | Safe from Cable Failure

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CONNECT 2014-1

New 420 kV cable accessories | 145 kV surge arrester in operation | Connectors for distribution stations out of one hand

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CONNECT 2013-2

CONNEX for transformers and GIS substations | Pioneering overhead line equipment | HV-CONNEX fit for esters

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CONNECT 2013-1

Flexible HV testing | Principles of Contact Technology 2 | CONNEX surge arresters for high voltage applications

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Silicone Insulators - Technical facts - Product Information

Leading Innovations in Silicone Rubber Technology

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SICON Customized product information

Individual Solutions for Cable Connections

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Ground tap connector RSC-T

Ground tap connector with SICON piercing technology

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Self-supporting dry outdoor composite termination up to 170 kV

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SEANEX product information

High-voltage connection system for ofshore inter-array cables

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PFISTERER Power Connection Systems Co. Ltd, Beijing

ISO 9001

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Form Interactive HV-CONNEX configuration
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Form HV-CONNEX configuration
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Application for deviation allowance
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AP5 - Electro-hydraulic high-pressure pump product information
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General Terms and Conditions of global Sale
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Supplier Quality Manual
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Catalogue Railway Catenary Systems

Solutions for Overhead Contact Lines

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General Terms and Conditions of Purchase
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CONNECT 2016-2

PFISTERER Power for Sustainably Efficient Open-Air Switchgears | Emergency Transformers | Smart-Testing Track Voltage

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8D Report
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General Terms and Conditions Germany
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General Terms and Conditions Switzerland
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General Terms and Conditions Italia
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General Terms and Conditions Poland
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General Terms and Conditions USA
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General Terms and Conditions France
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CONNECT 2017-1

Top performance for new overhead power line in extreme conditions |
Full service for ecological power generation in Hawaii

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PFISTERER Upresa S.A.U., Quality Policy
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CONNEX on the transformer: Calculating with vision | Made in Dubai: Converter stationfor North Sea wind farm | Taking the train to Budapest: TENSOREX keeps catenarywires correctly tensioned

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PFISTERER S.r.l. Italy, ISO 9001
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LV Piercing Connector Product information
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PFISTERER Switzerland AG- D&B Rating Certificate
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Statement on Directive RoHS 3
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Feasibility analysis
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Supplier self assessment
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Statement on SVHC substances
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String expertise for the ultimate challenge | With high voltage through the Gulf of Patras | One solution for all types of cable damage – the Universal Repair Kit from PFISTERER

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Environmental declaration purchase parts
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Equipamiento para distribución subterránea
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Componentes para Líneas Aéreas Preensambladas de Baja Tensión
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Division de Obras de Ingeniera y Service
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Guide form MV CONNEX specification
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Al-Elast contact disc produkt information

Contact element for reliable connection of flat busbars

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PFISTERER Kontaktsysteme GmbH

Einstufung der Qualitätsfähigkeit - Deutschen Bahn AG

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PFISTERER Insulators Wunsiedel GmbH, Wunsiedel

Einstufung der Qualitätsfähigkeit - Deutschen Bahn AG

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1 kV connection and transition joint kits

for plastic and paper insulated low voltage cables

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