Well-Connected: HV Tests in the Dry Dock

A simple HV test for off-shore wind farms, like Borkum West II, can become a real challenge. That is because if the cable system is in the dry dock or has been installed as a floating system next to the quay, the truck carrying the test transformer is unable to get close enough to do the test.

PFISTERER has developed its own solution for this situation and other difficult terrains. A small test adapter that can be transported on a trailer is connected between the transformer and the system. The trick? A flexible HV rubber line not only bridges the distance between the transformer and system, it can also stretch around corners, even in temperatures of -20 degrees. Equipped with CONNEX plugs, it is also quick and easy to connect. A safe pair of hands all round.

At a glance

  • HV test at the Borkum West II off-shore wind farm using equipment for difficult terrain
  • A specially developed test adapter connects the test transformer and cable system, even over long distances
  • CONNEX plugs allow for quick and simple connection