Contact line components – Innovative solutions for electric railway networks

Modern railway systems need to be accessible at all times while guaranteeing the reliable transmission of electrical energy between the contact line and the consumer. At the same time, they need to be able to withstand increasing loads caused by higher speeds and heavier traffic. PFISTERER has been developing and producing intelligent and efficient solutions for electric railway systems for over 50 years. Thanks to our extensive system experience and expertise in the transmission of electrical energy, PFISTERER has become a valued technical partner in every corner of the world.

Efficient and sustainable

For us, efficiency in contact line systems doesn’t start during operation, it starts with installation. Our products’ quick and easy installation process plays a key role in this. High-quality contact materials provide a consistent supply of the high levels of power required for goods transportation and high-speed passenger trains traveling over 350 km/h. PFISTERER contact line components meet the sector’s standard demands for high quality and low tolerances, while remaining resistant to environmental factors, such as weather, ice, or reactive substances in the air.

Individual solutions for any criteria

Our broad portfolio of cantilevers, clamps, and hangers allow customers to construct custom-designed and secure overhead railway lines. PFISTERER technology has proven its worth in underground railways, tram systems, regional networks, and high-speed routes all over the world. Our clamps are suitable for all types of cables. High-quality copper and aluminum alloys guarantee the reliable transmission of power and durable contacts.

Benefit from our experience with high voltage systems

With its silicone insulators, PFISTERER provides yet another key component in cutting-edge railway networks and distribution stations. As pioneers in the production of composite insulators, we possess extensive knowledge and many years of experience in this field. A light-weight design, protection against vandalism, and a rain-based self-cleaning system are just a few of the benefits offered over conventional porcelain insulators. Our solutions for railway systems are based on our experts’ experience in the field of high and extra high-voltage and can be specially adapted to meet the demands of any route.

PFISTERER’s portfolio of railway solutions is also complemented by measurement and safety equipment, compression technology tools, and the innovative TENSOREX C+ spring tensioning system.




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The compact tensioning system for electric railway overhead lines