CrossPower – Hybrid Energy System

CrossPower generates power based on renewable energy. Energy sources are wind, solar, water and any other renewable source available - surplus energy is stored in modern lithium-ion batteries. Diesel generators are now used only as a backup for secure 24/7 power supply.

All components are controlled by an intelligent management system. This way, energy generation and consumption are significantly more efficient. Various system sizes are provided for mobile or stationary use. Consumers of all kinds can be supplied with environment-friendly electricity. Starting from light for a small clay hut up to the complete supply of rural villages, industries and research stations. With the hybrid energy system CrossPower, PFISTERER offers a reliable solution for decentralized power supply in independent and secure microgrids.

CrossPower brings power to the people

The need for energy worldwide is increasing rapidly. Current prognoses predict a growth of up to 60 percent by 2030 - for the most part in developing countries: thus, exactly where today, power is generated almost exclusively with diesel generators. PFISTERER has been bringing power to people for almost 100 years. Our solutions for reliable energy transmission and distribution are tested and proven worldwide. Even today, in many places in the world, there is still no electricity at all. In other places, power is generated with diesel generators that are often obsolete. With two serious disadvantages: high CO2 emissions and huge logistic efforts needed for fuel transport. CrossPower significantly decreases consumption of fossil-fuel energy sources by 80 percent or more.

CrossPower: How it works

The new energy management system enables to setup robust, scaleable microgrids based on renewable energies, in every place in the world. The intelligent control unit balances optimal power generation and consumption, a powerful battery storage guarantees grid stability. Learn in six steps how CrossPower works.

1. Energy sources

The focus is on renewables such as wind, solar, water or any other renewable energy source available. The optimum energy mix is put together depending on local conditions. Apart from renewable energy, for example, an existing but intermittently available power grid can be integrated. In operation however, the renewable energy sources are always given priority.

Individual Energy Mix

The energy mix is put together individually for each CrossPower system according to location, application and the requirements of our customers.

2. Battery storage

If the energy sources produce more power than currently needed, the surplus energy is stored in modern lithium-ion batteries. When more power is consumed than the energy sources generate, the need is covered by battery storage. To guarantee the batteries a long service life, the lithium-ion cells are monitored and protected by a battery management system.

3. Backup

Diesel generators guarantee continuous supply reliability. They charge the battery when the renewable energy sources cannot cover consumption and battery storage state of charge reach a certain minimum threshold. Meanwhile, the diesel generators always run in the optimum usage range. Thus, maintenance is reduced to a minimum and the service life of the generators is extended.

4. Energy Management

Intelligent energy management ensures grid stability around the clock, continuously balancing energy generation and consumption. Increased consumption is initially supplied by battery storage. The system starts the diesel generators only when the charge capacity of the storage falls below a defined minimum capacity and the renewable energy sources are producing less power than is being consumed.

If necessary, consumers can also be prioritized. This way, for example, it can be ensured that a specified amount of diesel is not exceeded. If there is still not enough energy available, less-important consumers are switched off so that critical consumers can be securely supplied.

5. Transport

Depending on system design, energy sources can be completely stowed in the container. This ensures quick transportation of the system to almost any place in the world and at the same time, provides temporary protection from environmental impacts.

Individual System Design

PFISTERER develops the optimum system design based on the different consumption requirements. Manufacturer-independent selection of individual components guarantees the customer the best system solution in terms of energy mix, economic efficiency, and – if desired – local content.

6. Plug & Operate

Pluggable connections enable simple setup and quick installation. No special training is necessary. The entire system is controlled via the intuitive control panel.


  • Secure and stable power supply, 24 / 7
  • Mixture of conventional and renewable energy sources
  • Scalable for outputs of 25 kW up to 10,000 kW
  • Energy management favors renewable energy sources
  • Over 80 percent savings on fossil fuels
  • Very good CO2 footprint
  • Consumers can be prioritized
  • Secure remote monitoring is possible
  • Minimal setup time and fast operational readiness


PFISTERER has been bringing power to the people, since 100 years. In 1921, Karl Pfisterer founded in Stuttgart his company for custom made products and solutions for energy utilities for low voltage systems. Making energy grids saver and power supply reliable was always the main focus of our actions.

Today, PFISTERER innovations are industry standard in all fields of power generation and distribution. Decentralized, ecological, and hybrid energy solutions are not a new field for us, it is the corollary of the continuous, innovative development of PFISTERER.

Hybrid Energy Solutions from PFISTERER

  • Turn Key concept
  • Min. 10.000 charging cycles
  • Innovative inverter technology for hybrid applications
  • Highest efficiency factor on the market
  • Inhouse quality management and testsite with complete system simulation
  • Product independent system integrator
  • Integration of exisiting power sources possible
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Made in Germany

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