Even Stronger Together – PFISTERER and LAPP Insulators

The two recognized leaders in plastic composite and ceramic insulator technology, PFISTERER and LAPP Insulators, are now pooling their innovative strength and expertise. In October 2015 the PFISTERER Group, a leading supplier of special equipment and systems in the field of energy infrastructures, announced that it was taking over LAPP Insulators.

Through this acquisition, the Group has attained a leading position in the world market for high-voltage insulators.

With its acquisition of LAPP Insulators, PFISTERER has attained a significant position in the market for overhead lines (OHL). “LAPP Insulators is the strongest brand name in overhead line systems, especially in the USA. We have roots in the USA, where we are celebrating our centenary this year. This sales network is now also available to PFISTERER products," explains Dr Bernhard Kahl, Managing Director and CEO of LAPP Insulators and now head of the OHL business unit within the PFISTERER Group. Synergies are achieved through a self-contained range of products comprising plastic composite and ceramic insulators, together with expertise in supply chain construction, and the know-how for developing reliable and complete systems from these components. The customers of LAPP Insulators can now benefit from the PFISTERER product range and vice versa. Furthermore, the two companies complement each other at the interfaces between overhead lines and cable systems, the second mainstay of PFISTERER's business.

Combined strength for customers worldwide

“The reaction of our customers is completely positive and there is already a clear perception that we are one company," says a delighted Michael Keinert, Member of the Board at PFISTERER. “The important thing is: the existing customer relationships carry on as before, both at LAPP Insulators and at PFISTERER – as innovative partners and as reliable suppliers. Before the merger, we were already the two leading companies and the union has now made us even stronger."

PFISTERER can now cover virtually the entire supply chain, for both contact and isolation systems from energy generation to energy distribution, from a single source, thanks to the integration within their existing range of insulator strings and cable and contact systems. The Group is headquartered in Winterbach, near Stuttgart in southern Germany. PFISTERER develops, produces, and internationally markets successful solutions for voltage levels between 110 V and 1,100 kV. With a complete range of products for use in power grids, as well as advice, installation, and training, this independent manufacturer of cable fittings and overhead line accessories is a valued global partner for companies in the fields of energy supply, plant construction, and electrified rail transport.

LAPP Insulators is the third largest supplier in the world of high-voltage insulators made of porcelain, ceramics, and plastic composites that are used in more than 70 countries, particularly in high-voltage and railway networks, switching systems, or transformers. In Germany the company originates from traditional roots in the major brand names of Rosenthal and Siemens, stretching back to 1889, while its origins in the USA date back to 1916. In 2001 LAPP lnsulators took over the production facility of CeramTec in Wunsiedel, and in 2008 it integrated the insulator division of the Argillon Group with its own three production locations.

LAPP Insulators employs about 1,200 people worldwide, more than half of whom work at the production facilities in the USA (Le Roy, NY), Romania (Turda), and Poland (Jedlina). Over 500 people are employed at the company’s headquarters in Wunsiedel and the neighboring locations in Germany – Redwitz and Selb. PFISTERER operates production facilities in Europe, South America, and South Africa, as well as sales offices in 18 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and the USA. In total, the PFISTERER Group has a workforce of around 2,700.