Forging the way in North America: PFISTERER and the TPC partner up

PFISTERER and TPC Wire & Cable Corp. (TPC) have formed a partnership to strengthen their position on the North American market. Working with PFISTERER as the leading German manufacturer of medium and high voltage electrical equipment for energy infrastructure, this cooperation allows TPC to stock select products in the United States, which significantly reduces lead time and provides additional customer benefits.

As a manufacturer of high-performance, high-quality wire, cable, connectors, and assemblies used in harsh industrial applications, TPC, has opted for PFISTERER's equipment to enable an enhancement of the North American customer experience: with the option of a “kit” with specific components required for their project, TPC customers can achieve a plug-and-play solution right out of the box. Furthermore, they can purchase complete cable assemblies, consisting of TPC cable and PFISTERER connectors, built by TPC’s factory-trained technicians and 100% electrically tested prior to shipment. In addition, TPC’s technical team offers custom design support as an added-value service, ensuring a final solution that meets site-specific requirements.

TPC Wire & Cable Corp. products are designed and engineered to withstand severe conditions including impact, abrasion, chemicals, constant flexing, and extreme temperatures. Founded in 1978, TPC serves a variety of industries including the steel, utility, mining, automotive, food and beverage, government, oil and gas, transportation and wood, pulp and paper markets.

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