Award winning: the Hybrid Power Generation System

NATO uses the Hybrid Power Generation System (H.P.G.S.) to provide a safe supply of power in areas of conflict. This intelligent solution has just won a sustainability award in Paris.

Thanks to the H.P.G.S. mobile energy system NATO is able to establish a reliable power supply quickly at any place all over the world. H.P.G.S., which is based on PFISTERER’s CrossPower technology, combines photovoltaic and wind turbine systems with conventional diesel generators to form self-sufficient power grids, referred to as microgrids. The hybrid technology used for this purpose is remarkably energy efficient. Solar or wind power is stored in accumulators and prioritized whenever electricity is fed into the microgrid. The amount of diesel fuel needed to operate a plant is up to 50 percent lower as a result. CrossPower is also a very high-performance solution: a single 150 kW plant can supply a hospital with 100 people or a military base with up to 150 soldiers.


H.P.G.S. was recently on show at Eurosatory, the international defense and security exhibition in Paris. This was PFISTERER’s first joint trade fair appearance with the NATO Energy Security Center of Excellence. H.P.G.S. beat more than 130 rival projects in the “Renewable Energy” category to win the coveted Energy Transition Trophies 2016 award. The energy system will be employed by NATO in various military exercises scheduled for the near future.