CIGRÉ recommended reading: Overhead Lines

Published in cooperation with Springer International Publishing, the new edition of the reference book “Overhead Lines” promises in-depth expertise.

As part of the “CIGRE Green Books” series, it conveys the latest know-how from over 50 internationally recognized experts acting as contributing authors, including Dr. Frank Schmuck, head of the Insulators technology division at PFISTERER and coauthor of the reference book “Silicone Composite Insulators”, published in 2012. His contribution addresses questions concerning design, standard requirements, test philosophies, practical examples, and the various fault mechanisms of conventional insulators and silicone insulators.

Overhead lines are the backbone of energy grids worldwide. With 1,300 pages and more than 800 illustrations, the standard reference work “Overhead Lines” addresses planning and management concepts, electrical and mechanical requirements, as well as environmental influences, and discusses all individual components in detail. The academic contributions were reviewed by the CIGRE Study Committee “Overhead Lines” and reflect the objective international state of knowledge.

The book is expected to be available in print and as an e-book as of October 2016. ISBN: 978-3-319-31746-5