Mining exploration: mobile microgrid system halves diesel consumption

Supplying power to remote exploration camps generates high costs for the mining industry. CrossPower is a mobile microgrid system from PFISTERER that can significantly reduce these costs.

Until now, mining companies have used diesel-powered generators to supply electricity to their mineral exploration camps. This is expensive because the fuel has to be transported over long distances, sometimes even by helicopter. Using renewable energy sources would make it possible to significantly reduce diesel consumption. This is demonstrated by a study on “Mobile Solar and Wind Diesel Hybrid Solutions for Mineral Exploration”. Conventional wind and solar installations, however, are usually designed for an operational life of at least 25 years. This is incompatible with the way that exploration teams work, as they only ever work at one site for a short period of time.

Sun in the tank, even in fog

PFISTERER developed CrossPower Small Grid (SG) as a mobile hybrid energy system for setting up microgrids. It is ideal for the needs of exploration teams. Transportable microgrid containers that are easy to install and remove form isolated energy grids combining photovoltaics and wind turbines with conventional diesel generators. Even on cloudy, windless days, the power supply is guaranteed. CrossPower’s intelligent management system always prioritises the solar and wind energy stored in modern lithium-ion batteries. Diesel generators charge the batteries only as required, and therefore always operate in their optimum output range. This cuts fuel consumption by more than 50 percent, and significantly reduces the costs of mineral exploration.

CrossPower is available in different sizes, tailored to customers’ individual needs. These range from mobile systems for exploration teams to the stationary CrossPower Large Grid (LG) with a power of 5,000 kW and more, which even enables entire mines to be powered.