The first universal solution for cable damage

With its Universal Repair Kit, PFISTERER offers grid operators the first universal, “ready-to-use” cable repair system – suitable for all XLPE insulated cables, regardless of type, age or diameter. Energy suppliers can now repair cable faults within a very short time, even in historically evolved networks. At the same time, their stock of universal components is reduced to a minimum.

Fault-free grid operation is a must for energy suppliers, not only with a view to customer satisfaction but also because of high downtime costs. Nevertheless, damage to conductors caused by construction work, ageing or water ingress cannot be completely prevented. When damage occurs, the cable has to be replaced quickly. Yet with historically evolved networks, preventive inventory holding is extremely cost-intensive due to the large number of installed cable types and conductor diameters.

Replace – plug in – finished
This is where the PFISTERER Universal Repair Kit comes in, enabling selective and fast repairs to damaged sections of installed cables. It features the universal plug-in principle of PFISTERER fittings. These enable all kinds, materials and diameters of different cables to be connected. In combination with just one defined XLPE replacement cable – for example the cable with the largest cross-section in the operator’s grid – universal and reliable repair kits for faulty cable sections can be put together within a very short time, regardless of which XLPE cable type and cross-section has been affected by the damage. Thanks to the connection fittings, the pluggable replacement part fits all XLPE cable types in the network.

Less stock, less outlay
As a result, grid operators cut out the expense of holding a stock of all cable types. At the same time, the modular design of the joints and connectors reduces the range of parts that need to be stocked. The universal cast resin joint is suitable for voltage levels up to 170 kV. It also meets all necessary shielding requirements including cross-bonding or for fibre optic cable monitoring. And it means simpler installation for the fitters, as only one universal system needs to be used.

Ready-to-use: Quick Deploy Solutions
The PFISTERER fittings are oil and gas-free and therefore ready to use immediately. The new Universal Repair Kit is part of a whole series of rapidly deployable solutions – the Quick Deploy Solutions – which PFISTERER provides to assist its customers with repair, installation, maintenance or overhaul activities. These include connection solutions for easily transportable emergency transformers, as well as interim cable systems and a universal kit for bridging system components in substations.