New issue: Customer Magazine CONNECT

100 years of PFISTERER – that’s 100 years of energy history. Together with our partners and customers, and with energy suppliers, municipal utilities and industrial enterprises, we have been shaping the future of the energy industry and driving the development of power grids worldwide, right from the very beginning. So we are looking to the future, even as we celebrate our anniversary year.


PFISTERER solutions can be found in all types of power grids, both above and below ground. And we are always focused on trends in the energy sector, so that we can offer you solutions today for the challenges in the decades ahead.

In this issue of CONNECT, read about how we strengthen our power grids against extreme weather in a changing climate, the solutions we offer for a sustainable energy supply, and how this energy can be transported to fast-growing urban areas in future with the acceptance of the local residents.

You can find the Issue as a PDF download here.