Success for greater sustainability – PFISTERER given Silver status in the EcoVadis rating

PFISTERER Kontaktsysteme GmbH has improved in the EcoVadis 2021 sustainability ratings by 25 points to reach 63. This takes PFISTERER to the top 12 percent of the companies reviewed. This is the result of constant efforts in the areas of ethics, employment conditions and environmental protection.

The Silver Medal in the EcoVadis rating confirms PFISTERER’s commitment to sustainable corporate management both in its attitude to people and with regard to the environment. Since the first voluntary appraisal in 2018, PFISTERER Kontaktsysteme GmbH with its production locations in Winterbach and Gussenstadt has made consistent progress in three overall areas. Alongside climate-friendly energy-saving measures such as a heat recovery system, an energy audit and the use of renewable energy, this also covers primarily the ethical and social welfare standards to which PFISTERER subscribes. These include, for example, a detailed risk assessment of employee health and safety along with permanently embedded forms of employee participation, professional development opportunities and career promotion measures within the company. In the field of ethics, PFISTERER has established a whistle-blower procedure that encourages employees to report violations of corporate guidelines.

Investments for more sustainability

“We are proud of what we have achieved in the last three years”, says Santiago Casado, Director Corporate Governance / EHSQ / PMO at PFISTERER. “We have improved by 10 to 20 points in each of the listed categories. This was partly due to a number of major investments in system technology, and also many smaller measures in our organizational structure.” In Gussenstadt, for example, systems for metal shaving briquetting have lowered the consumption of lubricants by recovering them. CO2 emissions and water usage have also fallen. In Winterbach, amongst other things, new silicone dosing plants have reduced waste by an incredible 99 percent.

PFISTERER has also undertaken a great deal for the future. “The EcoVadis rating is always a stock-take and an incentive at the same time, because on the one hand it highlights our strengths but also provides a stimulus to make further improvements. And we’re aiming for gold in our next rating. We’re working on this”, says Santiago Casado. For this, PFISTERER has established an action plan which is being pursued step by step.