Green energy for urban centers in Rhineland-Palatinate

PFISTERER is currently installing the longest underground 110 KV XLPE cable system in Rhineland-Palatinate. The new cable route by network operator Westnetz is almost 18 kilometres long and transports regenerative electricity from wind turbines in the Hunsrück region to the conurbations of the region.

Significant differences in altitude and dense forests: the landscape characteristics of the low mountain range are a challenge for a complex high voltage cable project. Westnetz’s longest underground cable route to date is being laid in that area between the Thalfang feed-in point and the transformer station in Osburg. PFISTERER is supplying the entire cable system as a turnkey solution.

Cost-effective and quick to install

The required transmission capacity is provided by underground cables with varying conductor cross sections of 1,200 mm2 and 1,800 mm2, which are connected via transition joints. A total of five earth connection and cross bonding sleeve variants developed by PFISTERER are used as connecting elements. Cost-effective and quick to install, PFISTERER slip-on joints have been tried and tested worldwide for decades for the installation of high voltage underground cables. The temperature of the cables can be monitored via integrated fibre optic cables.

Designed for growth

The Osburg/Thalfang project will make an important contribution to the energy transition policy in Rhineland-Palatinate. Three phases of the green electricity connection are currently laid in pipes, with additional empty conduits serving as a reserve. With the turnkey system, PFISTERER is providing a complete customised solution that allows further growth in the future.