Off-Shore-Certified Connection System CONNEX for up To 550 kV and -50 °C

The dry, plug-in CONNEX connection system has recently been deemed suitable for use with extra-high voltages of up to 550 kV. The universal cable system, which can withstand even the harshest weather conditions, is the only system to be certified for off-shore use.

Originally developed in 1975 for low- and mid-voltage ranges, CONNEX now covers all voltage ranges from 12 kV to 550 kV. MV-CONNEX for mid-voltage-range technology is distinguished by its versatility. The product range includes items like conventional socket and plug combinations, multiple sockets, bus couplings, surge arresters, and voltage testing systems. Instead of needing permanent cable terminations, CONNEX simply has to be plugged in. This significantly reduces installation time and makes work easier on site. This is particularly beneficial in high-voltage networks and off-shore applications. When connecting the HV-CONNEX, you no longer need to open the cable connection compartment when installing and commissioning transformers and gas insulated switchgears, meaning you no longer have to worry about complicated gas or oil-related jobs. In off-shore projects, CONNEX has long been used with off-shore-ready bell flanges made from resistant aluminum alloys on production platforms in the North and Baltic Seas. This experience and certification under DNL-GL led to the first German wind farm, Alpha Ventus, being equipped with CONNEX back in 2009.

Versatile for all cable types

With the discovery of plug-in connection systems, Pfisterer provided the basis for the IEC 60840 (plugs) and IEC 60137 (sockets) standards. These days, all standardized plugs for mid-voltage systems are based on Pfisterer’s design, using the same shape and contact principle. No other system is as flexible as CONNEX when it comes to connecting cables. Regardless of whether you are using solid or stranded wires, in aluminum or copper, CONNEX can connect any type of cable you need. It’s area of application is equally universal. The socket can be used in GIS switchgears or transformers for mineral oil, and both natural or synthetic ester. CONNEX is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, is resistant to salt water, submersible, and can withstand extreme temperatures of -50 °C. The connection system is currently being subjected to such conditions in an oil production project on the Yamal Peninsula in north-west Siberia.

Protection provided by plug-in HV surge arresters

PFISTERER offers training sessions for HV and EHV installation and proper assembly of mid-voltage connections conducted by certified engineers. Installation accessories and tools specially tailored to CONNEX ease the assembly process. The extensive range of additional equipment also includes the market’s only plug-in, touch-proof HV surge arrester for rated voltages up to 145 kV. It is used to protect metal-enclosed switchgears or transformers, which are equipped with HV-CONNEX connectors. The surge arrester is attached directly to the switchgear or transformer and prevents excessively high levels of overvoltage from penetrating the system.