PFISTERER Expands its Range of Cable Systems with New Acquisition from Italy

The PFISTERER Group, a leading specialist supplier and systems provider in the field of energy infrastructure, has improved on its position in the cable systems market by acquiring an Italian company.

PFISTERER purchased the family-run company A.B Srl, a manufacturer of fittings and accessories for medium and high-voltage cables based in the metropolitan region of Milan. Both parties agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

A.B. Srl is a supplier for leading systems providers and holds a large share of the market, particularly in Italy. With its latest acquisition, PFISTERER has complemented its product portfolio for high-voltage cable systems. This puts A.B. Srl in a position where it can exploit its potential on an international scale.

A.B. Srl currently generates annual revenue of around €2 million.