6 kV to 52 kV Connections

MV-CONNEX – The complete product portfolio for all plug-in applications

Ultimate safety, maximum power, and an unbeatably wide range of designs and special solutions are the hallmarks of the MV-CONNEX system. In addition to the traditional socket-plug combination for XLPE cables up to 52 kV, there are a number of smart system extensions for special applications.

SICON – The all-round screw connectors for mid-voltage ranges

The conductor forms the heart of every mid-voltage socket and termination. Thanks to our patented, stepless shear bolts in SICON connectors, installation has never been easier. They make sure that every conductor (be it copper or aluminum, solid or stranded, round or sector-shaped) is connected as effectively as possible.


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High-voltage connection for inter-array cabling


Unique connectors with stepless shear bolts


Top-class technology from the inventor of the inner cone system


State-of-the-art protection – Everything you need from a single source.