Reliable and durable contacts – With compression or bolted connections

The reliability of power networks depends on reliable and durable contacts. They form the key to the safe transmission of power. At the same time, installation needs to be as easy as possible while the risk of errors also has to be ruled out. Compression and bolted attachments are two proven methods for connecting cable ends. PFISTERER is a specialist in contact technology and offers a full spectrum of products for both methods.

Compression connections – Proven, popular technology

With the creation of hexagonal compression technology in the 1950s, PFISTERER set a new standard that is still in use today. And it's no wonder. The hexagonal press connection is easy, quick, and reliable. The key elements for successful installation are precise positioning of the sleeve and conductor, and use of the right tool. In power grid construction and mass industrial production, compression technology stands out due to its cost efficiency.

Bolted connections – Simple and universal

With the development of the SICON bolted connector, PFISTERER set new standards for easy handling and safety. Each connector covers a wide clamping range and is suitable for all types of socket. The patented stepless shear bolt guarantees ideal contact for each specific conductor and helps the engineer to feel confident in the success of his installation. SICON is always the right choice particularly suited to single connections, small series, and maintenance work.

What's more, Pfisterer provides innovative solutions for connections and branches. Thanks to the 2DIREKT transformer terminal, you have a simple, universal, and space-saving way to connect distribution transformers. The patented tap-off ISICOMPACT terminal establishes all contacts for a 4-conductor cable branch using a single screw connection. And the PLUG system is a plug-in high-voltage connection for modern trains, wind power plants, industrial applications, and more.


State-of-the-art protection – Everything you need from a single source.


4-cable branches with just a single screw connection


Unique connectors with stepless shear bolts


The plug-in high current connection for trains, wind power plants and industrial applications


High-performance plug connector for electric commercial vehicles

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Insulated low voltage bolted connectors with insulation piercing contact technology