Overhead line technology by PFISTERER

Our insulators for overhead line construction are subjected to huge mechanical loads on a daily basis: The towers for transporting electrical energy can be up to 500 meters apart, meaning that the insulators have to carry heavy lines. They also have to withstand these forces for a number of decades without losing any of their operational safety.

Custom-made insulators for any application

The hallmark of insulators by PFISTERER is that they can be tailor-made to any requirements. What does that mean? Our products are not mass-produced standard solutions, they are designed precisely to meet existing climate-based, environmental, and load conditions.

Complete insulator strings: planned, tested, and produced by PFISTERER

PFISTERER has over 40 years of experience as a pioneer in the field of silicone composite insulators, which includes designing and producing complete insulator strings. For more complicated projects, we offer end-to-end solutions from a single source based on an extensive advisory and planning service, and simulations and tests in our own labs.

Vibration damping increases operational safety and service life

Our vibration-damping spacers and Stockbridge dampers are particularly effective for reducing conductor line vibrations caused by the wind. Thanks to their optimized design, they cut aeolian vibrations and sub-span oscillations to a minimum. As a result, the conductor can be operated safely throughout its service life. We also offer various vibration recorders and conduct vibration studies as the ultimate way of testing damping systems or identifying the source of conductor damage.

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PFISTERER is supplying French transmission system operator Réseau de Transport d’Électricité (RTE) with silicone composite insulators including protective fittings for suspension and strain strings with 225 kV and 400 kV and load classes from 150 kN to 600 kN.


To reduce vibrations caused by the wind, you don’t just need to know how, you also need to know where. That is because damping systems are only really effective if they are installed in the right place. A task for PFISTERER’s unique vibration recorder.


An aesthetic appearance: To meet this criterion for overhead lines in Denmark, PFISTERER developed four-meter-long composite insulators for truly beautiful energy.


A major compact line project in the Netherlands was looking for insulator crossarms that could meet the strict electromagnetic limits and withstand high mechanical loads. Not a problem for the experts at PFISTERER.