A full portfolio for all extra high voltage cables

For the first time ever, you can lay entire sections of cable and get all the fittings you need from a single source thanks to our wide range of extra high voltage fittings. The new range for extra high voltage (EHV) networks includes our tried-and-tested PFISTERER series, dry, plug-in cable connections for transformers and gas-insulated switchgears (GIS), cable terminations, and cable sockets (including one plug-in design). The type-tested accessories can connect all XLPE cables from 300 kV to 550 kV and are adapted individually to the cable used.

Easy to mount

The higher the voltage range, the more important easy installation becomes. This is precisely why we have designed our EHV equipment to be as easy to handle as possible. To achieve this, we have added sophisticated details, like the rotating connection ring for the size 7 CONNEX cable connection, which allows the screw holes to be rotated to a suitable position instead of having to move the heavy EHV cables.

Connections for all forms of cables

Regardless of whether you use aluminum, copper, or single-wire insulated cables: Our range of EHV fittings enable you to connect all forms of cable with ultimate operational reliability across several decades. That is because the heavily used field control units are individually tested according to IEC 62067 prior to delivery.
The EHV range includes:

  • EHV CONNEX dry, plug-in cable connection
    Touch-proof, submersible, maintenance-free, offshore-compatible connection that can be installed on all available dry-insulated cables. Another plus: The contact system’s built-in cable clamp device for 420 kV+ provides reliable protection against mechanical loads caused by the cable and also makes the cable easier to lay.
  • EHV CONNEX device connection pieces for transformers and GIS
    Quick to install, versatile, and compatible with indoor, outdoor, and offshore applications: The device connection piece combines all of the benefits of the popular CONNEX system in one solution. Its design is much more compact than conventional systems under EN 50299 and IEC 62271-209. However, an extension adapter allows the termination to be adapted to the relevant standards if needs be.
  • ESS cable termination
    Thanks to its fiber glass reinforced hollow insulator and water-repellent silicone shield, the supporting termination impresses with maximum mechanical stability. No special tools are required to connect conductors to the head armature, which is equipped with patented SICON screw couplings. Alternatively, you can go for the ESP termination made from porcelain.
  • MSA slip-on joints
    Thanks to their tried-and-tested slip-on design, you will have no trouble installing our IXOSIL slip-on joints. Their waterproof outer housing also guarantees maximum operating safety. Using the patented SICON screw connections allows the conductor to be connected with optimal contact force and without special tools. Shielding can be adjusted according to the cable type and customer requirements.
  • EHV CONNEX dry, plug-in, gas-insulated cable sockets
    The compact CONNEX socket permanently connects cables of all shapes and sizes. The SF6 gas insulation includes a built-in fill-pressure monitoring system.

EHV accessories from the experts

PFISTERER is an independent manufacturer of cable accessories for all types of medium to extra high voltage cables. In addition to cable accessories, the world's broadest product portfolio also offers solutions for special applications, as well as a full range of installation and testing accessories for the EHV range.

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