ISICOMPACT – Tap Connector for Low-Voltage Networks

Home power connections require high levels of operational reliability, practical installation, and good occupational safety. This makes the ISICOMPACT connector a state-of-the art solution – and for good reason. When it came to enhancing our “compact tap connector” (also known as the SCK or clamping ring), we adjusted our technology for home power connections in line with modern standards and requirements for live line work. And to great success. These days, the ISICOMPACT connector is a major player in low-voltage networks.

Cutting-edge standards from the creator of the house terminal

With the creation of the compact tap connector in 1968, PFISTERER set a new standard in the field of home connection technology. Over 20 million connectors have been installed since then. However, after 30 years, it was time for an update. Live line working has since been established, bringing changes to occupational safety requirements during installation; these factors took priority when it came to developing ISICOMPACT technology.

Engineers impressed by simple installation and high safety levels

The ISICOMPACT establishes all contacts for a 4-conductor cable branch using a single screw connection. When the screw connection is tightened, contact is established by piercing the insulation on the main line and branch lines. Once the required clamping force has been achieved, the screw shears off and thereby ensures successful installation. By providing protection against contact and thus against electrical hazards, the ISICOMPACT is designed for live line work. It is currently the only cable tap connector that also meets the strict requirements of BSI 862 – a German document that prescribes a process for live line work without additional PPE and requires LLW electricians to undergo special training and the network provider to be approved.

Customers invest in ISICOMPACT

The ISICOMPACT cable tap connector is currently used by all major energy suppliers across the board. Compact connector technology is becoming increasingly redundant. No other company has managed to reach the same standard as the patented ISICOMPACT technology, even after almost ten years on the market. ISICOMPACT cable tap connectors are type tested according to the applicable standards. Furthermore, it meets a number of customer-specific test requirements and Pfisterer is planning to extend its area of application.


  • Insulation does not have to be removed from the conductor
  • Shock-proof protection against electrical hazards
  • Patented screw-in solution with “built-in torque wrench”
  • Consistent operational reliability
  • Reduced range of variants due to large area of application
  • Ideal for live line work


Tap connections ≤ 50 mm² from main conductors up to 240 SE with the most compact dimensions

Cables with conductor cross-sections of 240 mm² are being used ever more frequently in the low voltage network. Until now, it has been possible to use ISICOMPACT L30 and L40 connectors to tap off from these main conductors. However, both connectors were originally designed for larger tap connections. So from a resource point of view, they are not the ideal solution for the 240 SE to ≤ 50 mm² tapping applications that are becoming increasingly common.



Extended screw bolt

Easy installation even on large conductor combinations thanks to 15 mm longer screw bolt.


New cross wedge design

Reduced number of ribs for reliable penetration of the stronger core insulation compared to 185 SE, with the usual low tightening torque.


Interlocking cross and central wedge

The locking design ensures defined positioning of the cross wedge ribs directly under the contact elements.


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