KP-Test 5 - Safely check for voltage

When working on electrical systems, ensuring people's safety and preventing damage to property are top priorities. It is essential to make absolutely sure that no voltage is present. PFISTERER voltage detectors combine maximum reliability and ease of use in one device. The KP-Test 5 family results from our decades of experience in developing safety devices with a practical focus.

Reliable self-test

Voltage detectors in the KP-Test 5 series perform an automatic self-test when they are switched on. The voltage detector only gives a ready signal if this test is successful and the device is working properly. So the user can be absolutely certain that the voltage detector is functioning as it should. A reference measurement is not required.

Double certainty

A clear indication of the test result is essential to prevent accidents. That is why PFISTERER uses the proven dual visual and acoustic signalling system inthe KP-Test 5. If no operating voltage is present, the detector shows a green continuous light without asignal tone. But if "operating voltage is present",six red LEDs flash and a signal tone sounds.

Equipped for every task

Whether in confined spaces or outdoors, in sunshine or rain, snow or frost - the KP-Test 5 delivers reliable results in all environmental conditions. Extra powerful LEDs ensure a clearly visible signal - even against bright lights or in strong sunlight. The acoustic signal can be clearly heard even in noisy or windy environments due to its volume and frequency range.

The right device forevery application

The KP-Test 5 family offers the right voltage detector forevery application. Medium or high voltage, alternating ordirect current for use on overhead power lines,switchgear, in substations or on railway systems. Alldevices are individually adapted to our customers'requirements. PFISTERER offers solutions for allvoltage levels from 1 to 420 kV AC.


  • Reliable self-test
  • No reference measurement required
  • Clear signalling
  • Visual and acoustic signal
  • Use in any weather
  • Tested to EN 61243-1
  • Multilingual device labelling