KP-Test 5D dual - Non-contact voltage detector for use on railway and utility company

Before carrying out repair and maintenance work, the five safety rules have to beapplied. One of these is "check to make sure there is no voltage". This requires equipmentthat clearly and reliably indicates the voltage status. The KP-Test 5 series from PFISTERER meets the highest safety standards worldwide, and offers the right solutionfor every application. Now there is also a non-contact option, the new KP-Test 5D dual.

The KP-Test 5D dual voltage detector works on the field probe principle. The field probe detects the electrical field surrounding the voltage detector. Anevaluation unit monitors the field strength. If it exceeds a defined threshold, the voltage detector shows"operating voltage present". If the value is not reached, the device signals that no voltage is present.

Safety with Light and Sound

Like all members of the KP-Test 5 family, the KP-Test5D dual performs a reliable self-test when it is switched on. The test result is indicated via the proven dua lsystem comprising a visual and an acoustic signal. In addition, a proportional acoustic warning signal makesit clear when the KP-Test 5D dual is approaching a live conductor - at an early stage, before the actual response threshold is reached. It works by soundingtones at decreasing intervals, like a vehicle reversingsensor.

Anywhere, in any weather

Whether in rain, fog or temperatures between -25 °Cand +70 °C, the KP-Test 5D dual reliably and safely detects voltage under all conditions. Extra powerful LEDs ensure a clearly visible signal - even against bright lights or in strong sunlight. The integrated acoustic signal can be clearly heard even in noisy environmental conditions - such as in wind onoverhead power line towers.

Easy handling

With an overall length of less than one metre and weight of 1,080 grams, the KP-Test 5D dual is easy to handle inevery situation - whether in use on a tower or while being transported in the ergonomic bag with shoulder strap. Hence the voltage detector offers additional safety in everyday use.

Two testing ranges

The KP-Test 5D dual features outstanding flexibility for specific applications. It has two switching levels for testing different voltages and frequencies. At the sametime, there are different device types for use in railway and transmission network scenarios. Thus voltages from 110 kV at 16.7 Hz or 110 kV 50 Hz up to 420 kV 50 Hz can be clearly detected.


  • Reliable self-test
  • Clear signalling
  • Visual and acoustic signal
  • Proportional acoustic warning signal
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Use in any weather
  • Tested to DIN VDE V 0682-417

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