1 kV connection and transition joint kits

for plastic and paper insulated low voltage cables

Bolted connectors with shear-off bolts have become the established technology for connecting low voltage cables. PFISTERER offers practical complete kits for simple and professional jointing of plastic insulated low voltage cables and for transitions from paper insulated to plastic insulated low voltage cables – with more than 100 years of contact technology expertise.


Ready-to-fit complete kit

Connection and transition joint kits are supplied ready to fit. Depending on the version, they contain parts and additional materials required to install four or five-core low voltage cables up to 1 kV. In addition to heat-shrink sleeves conforming to DIN SPEC 47640, PFISTERER also offers solutions for special applications. Connection joints with a repair sleeve allow plastic insulated cables to be joined in confined spaces. Transition joints allow plastic insulated cables to be joined to paper insulated cables [N(A)KLEY and N(A)KBA].

Perfectly matched

The bolted connectors are made from high-grade aluminium with excellent electrical properties. They are resistant to chemicals and corrosion, ensuring reliable contacts and cable joints that remain stable over time. The heat-shrink sleeves are made from irradiation crosslinked semicrystalline polymers, combining high mechanical strength with excellent insulation. They are halogen-free, UV and weather resistant, and resistant to alkaline earths. On the inside, they are coated with hotmelt adhesive. This liquefies as the sleeve shrinks and makes the joint watertight when it cools down.


  • Reliable and durable electrical connection
  • For all conductor types and materials
  • Ready-to-fit complete kit
  • Laterally watertight and corrosion-resistant
  • Easy to install using standard tools
  • Compact dimensions

Simple installation

The shear-off bolt with friction disc minimises the head friction of the bolt and guarantees the same contact force every time regardless of the conductor material. The disc on the end of the screw presses in during installation and does not turn as the screw is tightened further. This prevents damage to the conductor and individual strands.

Barrier or inspection hole

PFISTERER low-voltage connectors can be used with any conductor type and conductor material. Connectors with barrier enable the longitudinally watertight connection of aluminium and copper cables. The combination of connector with an inspection hole and a joint with parking position makes installation easier, especially with larger conductor cross-sections. The connectors can be pushed completely over the conductor, bending the rigid conductors is not neccessary.

Transition joints for special applications

In addition to the standard connection joint kits, PFISTERER offers a wide range of transition joint kits for special applications. They enable simple, safe and reliable transition from plastic insulated low voltage cables to paper insulated cables with three or four cores. A solderless earthing kit is included with all transition joints for N(A)KBA cables.


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