LV piercing connectors - Live line working – easy & safe

Live line working is increasingly essential in low voltage networks. Bolted connectors used for this purpose should be easy to install and ensure the best possible occupational safety. The LV piercing connector family from PFISTERER has been developed to meet today’s practical requirements. Durable contacts come as standard, and have been a PFISTERER core competence for nearly 100 years.

Conductor does not have to be stripped

LV piercing connectors connect and make electrical contact with conductor ends, whatever the conductor cross-section, type and insulation. Because they pierce the insulation during installation, preparatory work on the conductor, such as stripping or brushing the contact area, is eliminated. The shear bolts on LV piercing connectors are based on patented SICON technology. The bolts are equipped with a piercing system that reliably penetrates the conductor insulation during installation. A rotatable disc at the base of the bolt prevents damage to individual strands and ensures the correct contact force for all conductor materials.

Good occupational safety

The insulating body and plastic cover caps provide IP2X protection against finger contact in accordance with EN 60529. On type 3 and above, plastic flaps prevent inadvertent contact with the inside of the conductor channel. The elastomer insert ensures protection against contact after the bolts shear off.

Low shear off torque

The shear off bolts are tightened using standard tools. Once the optimal contact force is reached, the bolt gently breaks away at a torque of between 2.5 and 27 Nm, depending on the type. This prevents common installation errors and makes live line working much safer.

Compact and well designed

Once installed, the small size of LV piercing connectors makes subsequent work easier. Compact joints with cast resin mean that fewer resources are needed for the final installation. The connectors can be placed close to each other without any further accessories. Type 1 and 2 are equipped with a pushtogether system: multiple connectors can be joined together to form a compact unit. With type 3 to 5, the elimination of the cover caps ensures the smallest possible dimensions.



  • Insulation does not have to be stripped from individual conductors
  • Easy, safe installation – ideal for live line working
  • Shear off bolts prevent installation errors
  • IP2X protection against electrical hazards
  • Consistent operational reliability, according to IEC 61238-1 Class A
  • Compact design – less cast resin
  • Creepage distance conform to EN 60664, Pollution Degree 1

LV piercing connectors in figures

  • Voltage: up to 1 kV
  • Conductor cross-section: 1 to 240 mm²
  • Conductor category: class 1 and 2
  • Shear torque: 2.5 to 27 Nm