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Maintenance inspection by PFISTERER

System operators are responsible for the safety of people and equipment, as well as the proper condition of work equipment used. In order to avoid hazards caused by defects in the equipment, occupational health and safety laws, accident insurers and the relevant standards stipulate routine inspections. In each case, the country-specific requirements must be observed. PFISTERER bases its recommendations for action on its own practical experience and the regulations in Germany

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PFISTERER has been successfully carrying out maintenance inspections for many years. Our experts perform reliable tests in our in-house test laboratory according to defined test procedures and on the basis of current standard requirements. Detailed information about the services we offer is available on request and in our price list.

PFISTERER offers maintenance inspections for:

Voltage detectors / phase comparators

A maintenance inspection is mandatory every 6 years at the latest.

Maintenance inspections for voltage detectors according to IEC 61243-1 and phase comparators according to EN 61481 are mandatory in Germany according to DGUV V3 – accident prevention regulation for electrical systems and equipment. After a maximum of 6 years, these devices must undergo a maintenance inspection. Requirements in other countries may differ.

Some of the test components

  • Visual and dimensional check
  • Testing of the self-test device
  • Leakage current test
  • Protection against bridging and spark resistance
  • Measurement and documentation of the threshold voltage

Depending on the frequency of use and stress, shorter inspection intervals may also be necessary. This applies to devices:

  • that are used intensively
  • frequently in use
  • subject to heavy strain
  • show signs of wear

PFISTERER recommends carrying out a risk assessment in order to evaluate the required test cycle as well as for legal protection.


Earthing and short-circuiting devices

PFISTERER recommends maintenance inspections every 5 years outdoors and every 10 years indoors

Earthing and short-circuiting devices must generally be checked for proper condition before use. Make sure that the insulation is in perfect condition, has no discolouration and that the conductor cable is not bare at any point. For earthing and phase terminals, the clips should be easy to open and should not be misaligned. Any rust spots must be removed. If necessary, country-specific requirements must be observed.

PFISTERER recommends a comprehensive maintenance inspection every 5 years for devices used outdoors and after 10 years for devices used indoors. In case of doubt and after just one short circuit, the earthing and short-circuit device must be excluded from reuse. It can only be re-released after a maintenance inspection.

Test components

  • Visual and functional test
  • Measurement and documentation of contact resistances


Insulating poles

PFISTERER recommends maintenance inspections every 6 years

Earthing and operating poles must generally be checked "visually" for externally visible damage before each use. PFISTERER also recommends a haptic test of the surface quality. In case of irregularities, refrain from using it. The pole must be replaced at the latest when loose glass fibre components are detected.

DIN VDE V 0681-1 recommends a maintenance inspection for operating poles every 6 years. If necessary, country-specific requirements must be observed.

Test components:

  • Visual and functional test
  • Measurement and documentation of the leakage current

PFISTERER services offered

  • Maintenance inspection
  • Maintenance inspection plus repair
  • Repair
  • Maintenance inspection of third-party equipment

Maintenance inspection at the manufacturer's

The maintenance inspection for voltage detectors and phase comparators can be carried out by various agencies. PFISTERER is also pleased to test the equipment of other suppliers.

The advantage of testing at the manufacturer's is the detailed knowledge and experience with the device. This means that any faults that occur can be reliably and quickly detected and rectified. If the device needs to be repaired, this can be done directly by the manufacturer. Third-party providers are not authorised or able to do this.

Procedure of a PFISTERER maintenance inspection

Get in touch

The PFISTERER reminder service (SP and SPPC only) provides a timely reminder of the upcoming maintenance inspection. Registration is required for this.

Needless to say, you can also contact us directly when the maintenance inspection is due.

Sending in

Send us your voltage detector with your shipping provider.


Maintenance inspection

Our experts clean your device and carry out the standard-compliant visual and technical inspection.



If a technical fault or a safety-relevant defect is detected during the maintenance inspection, we will contact you and discuss the further course of action together.


Return shipment

We will then return your device to you in a professional manner, including an inspection report and a new inspection sticker.


Quickly back in use

Normally, you will receive your device back within 14 days from the date of dispatch.



Maintenance inspection

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