PLUG – The Plug-In, High-Current Connection

Plug-in solutions are in increasingly high demand for connections in generators, transformers and converters in the low and medium-voltage range. These connections need to be durable, maintenance-free, cost-effective and easy to install. All of these criteria are met by the PLUG system by PFISTERER, which is why it has become an indispensable part of modern train networks and wind power plants. The PLUG system brings together our extensive experience in the field of contact technology and the demands of modern industrial standards in production and operational safety.

Secure contacts – Even in extreme conditions

One of the hallmarks of the PLUG system is its simple structure. High quality contact materials combined with tried-and-tested contact designs and functional layers offer power reserves and exceptionally high short-circuit strength. PFISTERER’s proven line contact technology with multiple connections guarantees durability and consistently high quality for power transmission in aluminum and copper conductors. Its sophisticated coding makes sure that each plug can only be connected to its matching socket.

Up to 50% less space

PLUG reduces connections to a single plug-in solution. As a result, engineers save time even during initial installation – an essential factor in cutting-edge mass-scale production. You no longer need to worry about downtimes during operations as components can be replaced within a short space of time. What’s more, PLUG also helps you to make savings when it comes to construction space. Instead of needing a typical terminal box, the compact PLUG sockets can be incorporated straight into your system components.

Customers benefit from our years of practical experience

PLUG connections are universal and do not require your system to meet certain requirements. They have been tested according to both international and customer-specific standards and include solutions for all shielded and unshielded cables in classes 2 and 5. In addition to our standard range, the experts here at PFISTERER also develop and test tailor-made products for our customers. Our portfolio offers everything you need for complete systems, including testing and certification.

PLUG in numbers:

  • Voltage: 1 kV AC to 4.4 kV AC
  • Current: 400 A to 1.250 A
  • Conductor cross-section: 70 - 240 mm²
  • Conductor material: Copper, aluminum


  • Consistently high contact quality – no rust creepage
  • Short installation, testing and downtimes
  • Standard for modern series production
  • Power reserves in the event of an error
  • Coding prevents connection errors
  • Universal application

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