Ground tap connector with SICON piercing technology

To protect both people and the environment, any metallic components alongside electrified rail tracks must be grounded. This applies not only to catenary pylons, but also to signaling systems, bridge railings, fences, etc. PFISTERER has now developed the RSC-T – a simple, safe, and reliable solution that saves a great deal of time in comparison with established practice.

Installation up to 50% faster

The RSC-T ground tap connector comprises several parts and can be mounted directly onto an existing system. The ground cable is laid in place without any preparatory work and enclosed by the connector using a locking bolt. The SICON piercing bolts penetrate the insulation to establish safe and reliable contact with the ground conductor. Any possible damage to the metallic conductor is avoided by means of the proven SICON technology.

Using insulation piercing technology, main and tap cables are installed without having to strip the insulation. This also applies to double-insulated main cables. With double-insulated tap cables, the outer insulation layer has to be removed. The compression of grounding and tap cables that was previously used, as well as the restoration of the insulation with a heat-shrink sleeve, is no longer necessary. The plastic enclosure with its seals guarantees electric shock protection in accordance with IP2X.

RSC-T Fakten

  • Reliable contact between grounding and tap connector
  • No interruption of the main conductor
  • Shock-proof in accordance with IP2X
  • No open blade for installation
  • Saves up to 50% of installation time
  • No flame on the track
  • Electrically tested in accordance with IEC 61284:1997 class B

One connector, three connection options

Different tapping variants can be implemented with the RSC-T ground tap connector. In addition to the typical variant with one ground tap per connector, it is also possible to form two ground taps with one connector, taking the conductor cross-section into account. To do this, all that is required is to change the arrangement of the clamping screws on the tap side.

Patented Contact Technology

The bolts of the RSC-T are based on the proven SICON technology. The patented shear bolt has a stepless construction and utilizes the full load capacity of the thread at all times. The friction disc at the end of the bolt prevents the metal conductor from being damaged. For the RSC-T, the proven SICON bolt has been further developed and equipped with a friction disc which features insulation-piercing technology. This establishes a reliable contact with optimum contact force. The SICON bolt is installed using a socket wrench SW6 and gently shears off on successful installation.

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