Connectors with Stepless Shear-Off Bolts


Bolted connectors are safe, cost-efficient, and easy to install. No wonder their popularity keeps on growing. SICON bolted connectors are based on all of our extensive expertise in contact technology. Innovations, like our shear-off bolts with infinite adjustment, combine technical and practical advantages for maximum contact quality.

Experience and innovation for the best contact

Thanks to our patented, stepless shear-off bolts, installation has never been easier. They make sure that ever conductor (be it copper or aluminum, solid or stranded, round or sector-shaped) is connected as effectively as possible and guarantee that the engineer feels confident that installation has been a success. One-of-a-kind: SICON connectors can be used straight away and insulated without any further adjustment.

One SICON replaces 98 compression joints

In contrast to compression technology, the range of SICON connectors is significantly smaller. Instead of needing one sleeve for every conductor, we offer eight standard variants, meaning that engineers are equipped for every eventuality on the construction site. This relieves an enormous amount of strain on storage facilities and transport processes. SICON connectors are fitted using a standard ratchet with a hexagonal bit so there is no need to pack your pressing tools.


Reliable connection for all conductors

SICON connectors can be used independently of the conductor material, type, voltage level and current. No matter whether aluminum or copper, solid or stranded – the conductor is always connected with perfect contact pressure. The transverse grooves in the clamping channel break through the oxidation layers and reliably establish the contact.


Optimal contact force for all conductors

The patented SICON bolt was developed without predetermined shear-off points. This means that the full load capacity of the thread is always used, thus ensuring perfect contact pressure. For aluminum conductors, this means with a contact force up to 30% higher than of conventional connectors.


No damage to individual strands

A friction disc on the tip of the shear-off bolt ensures that the conductor strands are not damaged.


Installation with standard tools

SICON bolted connectors are installed directly onto the ends of the conductor with a standard allen key. All SICON connectors can be easily installed, even under tight spots. The bolt shears off smoothly when it is tightened. The remains stay in the tool and can be safely disposed of. The bolt always shears off at the top edge of the connector body. This way, there are no sharp protrusions.


Wide application range

Every SICON connector covers a wide x-section range. This way, you always have the right connectors with you on site. And even if during repair work it is unclear what type of conductors must be connected and in which condition are they in, SICON is the right choice.


Connecting joints for medium voltage cables

Hybrid cold shrink joints with SICON bolted connectors

PFISTERER's cold shrink joints for medium voltage applications are reliable and durable. The combination of cold shrink joints and SICON screw connectors ensures ease of installation, reliable cable connections and excellent insulation properties. Each joint set contains all the necessary components for connecting single-core medium-voltage cables.

Very good insulation

The cold shrink body is made of durable silicone rubber and combines high mechanical strength and excellent electrical properties. The silicone retains its natural flexibility over the entire service life. Thus, the joint ensures the required overall insulation strength and constant pressure on the cable at all times and depending on the temperature. The heat-shrinkable sleeve for external insulation is UV and weather resistant, waterproof and resistant to alkaline earths.

The quality of our products is ensured by continuous testing processes in production. Our cold shrink products are tested according to the HD 629 standard.

Scope of delivery:

  • SICON bolted connector
  • Cold shrink body with integrated electrodes for field control
  • Screen connection components
  • Heat shrink outer tubes
  • Cleaning wipes, sanding paper, grease, etc.

New: Terminations for medium voltage cables

Cold-shrink terminations with SICON cable lugs

PFISTERER terminations are made of highly resistant silicone and are reliable and durable. They withstand the most difficult weather conditions, are UV resistant and maintain the same insulation strength and constant pressure on the cable at a wide range of temperatures. The hydrophobic properties of the silicone protect against contamination. In combination with SICON bolted cable lugs, PFISTERER terminations for medium voltage cables are easy to install and ensure reliable cable connections and excellent insulation properties.