Achieving Success with Expert Knowledge and Experience

Safety and reliability are absolutely essential when high-voltage current is involved. PFISTERER is synonymous with these attributes thanks to the almost 100 years it has been involved in contact technology applications. Not only do high-quality, mature products play a key role when it comes to ensuring the quality and long service life of contacts as these products must also be correctly installed by professionals. This is why we insist that our products only be installed by authorized and trained specialist personnel.

PFISTERER Experts Will Train Your Team

PFISTERER offers customer-specific training courses on safely and efficiently installing all medium and high-voltage products. This represents the very first step toward realizing reliable and safe power transmission and is also required to obtain warranty coverage for the products installed.

Training Centers Worldwide

PFISTERER training courses are held at our technology centers in Altdorf and Winterbach and at dedicated training center locations around the world. The target group comprises veteran fitters as well as technicians, engineers, and project managers with several years of relevant experience in working with medium and high-voltage cables.

Detailed Training Content – Theoretical and Practical

All training courses encompass and cover in-depth product instruction, general and individual requirements pertaining to installation, preparation work, and execution of the installation based on practical work and training exercise activities. After the training course has been passed, each participant is awarded a certificate that is valid for three years and authorizes the individual to work independently using the product system for which training was received.

The PFISTERER Training Course Offering:

  • CONNEX cable connection system (MV + HV)
  • DOC, EST, ESF, ESS, and ESP cable terminations
  • MSA slip-on joints
  • HV CONNEX combined training
  • Combined training courses