Dry insulated outdoor cable terminations

Operational safety in power grids requires reliable cable terminations. Our dry terminations have proven their effectiveness in continuous use worldwide for decades, connecting high voltage cable systems with overhead lines and busbars. They provide a custom-fit, cost-effective solution for all requirements and environmental conditions.

Minimising risks and sources of error

Dry outdoor cable terminations are a forward-looking technology. Insulated exclusively with solid silicone, they deliver significantly enhanced safety and reliability: dry products by PFISTERER are explosion-resistant, non-combustible and do not cause any environmental pollution or operational disruptions due to leaks.

Comprehensively tested and reliably available

All dry insulated PFISTERER components are based on standard products that have been established for years, using tested materials and certified technologies.

The right solution for every requirement

New: DOC self-supporting outdoor termination

With the new DOC (dry outdoor composite) termination, PFISTERER offers a self-supporting, dry and compact termination up to 170 kV. It reliably connects cable systems with overhead lines and busbars in maintenance-free long-term use.

Installed in minutes, not hours

The DOC central unit, comprising a hollow insulator, stress grading device and base plate, is delivered to the site fully preassembled and tested. Compared to conventional terminations, the modular design of the DOC simplifies handling during transportation and installation. The central unit simply pushes onto the cable – the number of elements to be fitted is minimised, time-consuming gluing work and drying phases are eliminated entirely. The conductor is connected quickly and reliably using SICON shear bolt technology. PFISTERER also offers FrontCon – a highly advanced connection solution for single-strand insulated conductors.

The DOC self-supporting outdoor termination meets all criteria of the highest pollution class according to IEC 60815-3.


  • No oil, gas or gel insulating medium
  • Fast and reliable installation (horizontal or vertical)
  • Whole termination is routine tested (IEC 60840 clause 9)
  • Integrated base plate
  • Fixed earthing point for simpler screen handling
  • Explosion-resistant
  • Maintenance-free

Outdoor cable terminations

PFISTERER dry cable terminations are proven and well-thought-out products for substations and high voltage transmission towers at voltage levels from 52 kV to 170 kV.

Variants include self-supporting cable terminations, flexible cable terminations and terminations with integrated surge protection. With this portfolio, custom requirements can be implemented extremely cost-effectively, and precisely matched to the respective location.

The product portfolio


The flexible ESF can be integrated into existing support structures. It is particularly well suited to flexible, quickly installed, multiple-use applications with testing and temporary site cables. ESF was developed for voltage levels from 52 kV to 170 kV.



The dry EST SUB is the reliable, cost-effective solution for substations. It is designed for voltage levels from 72.5 kV to 170 kV and conductor cross-sections up to 2,500 mm². The supporting elements can be installed independently of the actual cable connection, while the termination itself can be fitted onto the cable on the ground and then mounted in the support structure afterwards, at heights of up to 6 metres. For use on high-voltage transmission towers we offer IXOSIL EST.



Cable termination with integrated surge arrester. The self-supporting EST SUB with integrated surge arrester combines the benefits of dry insulated terminations with an integrated dry and gas-free surge arrester.

The EST SUB with integrated surge arrester is available as EST SUB SA for solidly grounded systems and for compensated systems with voltage levels ranging from 72.5 kV to 170 kV and for a conductor cross-section of up to 2,500 mm². Since the components are independent of each other, the termination can be very precisely fitted on the ground and then attached in a vertical orientation to the already installed surge arrester. This serves as a support for the termination – additional support elements are not required.


In conventional technology, we still offer our ESS type oil-filled terminations with composite insulator as well as the ESP porcelain type up to 550 kV.



  • No oil or gas insulating medium
  • Leak-proof
  • Explosion-resistant
  • Reliable in continuous use
  • Safety tested to IEC standards
  • Installation using standard tools
  • Modular, cost-effective system