Universal fault reserve system for 110 kV XLPE cables – the Universal Repair Kit

PFISTERER developed the first universal cable repair system suitable for all XLPE-insulated cables – regardless of type and cross-section – for Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG, the largest electricity network operator in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein and partner to some 900 municipalities. The Universal Repair Kit allows cable faults to be repaired within a very short time, even in historically evolved networks. At the same time, it minimises the network operator’s need to stock reserve cables.

A solution for all scenarios

Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG is responsible for 2,600 km of 110 kV lines, of which around 80 km are 110 kV XLPE cables, with 12 different cable types and cross-sections ranging from 240 to 2,500 mm². From a logistics point of view, preparing for emergencies is a Herculean task. PFISTERER recommended a universal solution for all cable types. The Universal Repair Kit is based on the pluggable CONNEX cable connection system by PFISTERER. A key element of the kit is a universal epoxy resin joint for voltages up to 170 kV. It allows all different kinds of cable diameters and types to be connected easily. The faulty cable section is simply exposed and removed. Connectors are then fitted to the two cut ends, and to a universal reserve cable. Finally all the connectors are connected using two joints – job done.

At a glance:

  • Universal solution for damaged cables
  • Ready to use immediately
  • Suitable for all XLPE cables and cross-sections
  • Minimal inventory requirements
  • Pluggable termination – for use in substations and for preliminary testing of replacement cable sets

Minimal expense

The Universal Repair Kit reduces the expense of holding stock and saves time. It cuts costs. Instead of 19 cable types with diverse connecting components, all that Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG now needs for a single-phase repair is one reserve cable with the largest cross-section installed in the network (2,500 mm²), four cable connectors and two connection joints. This lowers costs by around 75 percent. Moreover, installation can be completed within one to four days, instead of four to six weeks for a conventional repair. PFISTERER fittings do not contain limited-durability filling materials, so they can be stored almost indefinitely and are ready to use immediately.

Pluggable termination

Besides the possibility of replacing faulty cables and joints, the Universal Repair Kit also offers a pluggable termination. On the one hand, this can be used to immediately rectify termination faults in substations, but at the same time it is also suitable for simple preliminary testing of replacement cable sets prior to installation. As a result, Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG is well equipped for all eventualities.