Power Distribution

Cable-based distribution networks that have grown over generations require flexible connection elements that can blend with an array of cable types and do not allow for any errors during installation. In doing so, all connection elements have to remain resistant to loss and maintenance-free across several decades. Just like PFISTERER screw connectors.

Thanks to their cutting-edge technology, SICON connectors for mid-voltage cables offer unique advantages: Optimum contact pressure regardless of the conductor material, installation without special tools, and no protruding elements on the connector body. 2DIREKT terminal clamps for distribution transformers reduce the number of transitions, decreasing the risk of loss and possible sources of error. For underground distribution networks, we offer the ISICOMPACT, the most compact and installation-friendly branching connection in the world. We also provide specially tailored assembly tools and voltage tests along with earthing and short-circuiting fittings tailored to the customers' needs.

Industrial applications

Minimal downtimes and custom-fit solutions equal a high level of economic efficiency in industrial plants. PFISTERER can contribute to this: Thanks to custom-fit connection components for electrical power units and power supply systems. The less time it takes to replace drive components (like motors or power converters), the shorter the downtimes and the lower the subsequent costs. With the plug-in PLUG connection system, you have the perfect answer: It can allow you to adhere to clearly defined system thresholds, while creating modular, fully equipped, complex systems.

Special requirements call for special products. Special connection components have a high demand in the automotive and railway sectors, in industry, and in transformer construction. Our special OEM range has the solutions they need: Flexible connection elements that absorb vibrations, switching impulses, and fluctuating temperatures, plus contact and connecting elements in an almost infinite array of shapes and sizes.


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