Power Transmission

PFISTERER is a leading provider of products and systems for safe and powerful power transmission. It also supplies components and systems for high-voltage cables and overhead lines in the whole world.

Cable systems

Cable systems place a particular set of demands on connection technology: It needs to cover a wide array of cable types, be easy to install, and remain maintenance-free for several decades. PFISTERER cable fittings meet all of these demands. They are available for practically all types of plastic-insulated cables up to 550 kV. The cable terminations are available in a conventional oil-filled design or in a cutting-edge dry, slip-on version. The self-supporting variant for overhead line towers can even be pre-installed on the ground.

MSA joints with tried-and-tested slip-on technology can be installed within a very short space of time and ensure maximum operational safety. The dry, plug-in CONNEX system is touch-proof, maintenance-free, suitable for outdoor use, submersible and, thus, the ideal connection for transformers and gas-insulated switchgears. Gas-insulated CONNEX sockets can even be used to create plug-in cable junctions. Specialist expertise and special care are required to install high-voltage components. Our experts can provide you with both and install our fittings for you, no matter where you are in the world.

Overhead line systems

Planning and setting up complex overhead line systems needs expert knowledge and a trusting working relationship between everyone involved. PFISTERER is your experienced global systems partner for designing and producing insulator strings up to 1.000 kV. We plan and deliver both individual components and entire insulator strings based on silicone composite insulators. When it comes to designing systems, we rely on our 90 years of experience and use cutting-edge simulation models for electrical field patterns and mechanical loads.

These are also the ideal conditions for the efficient development of complex special solutions, such as space-saving insulator crossarms or equipment for existing overhead lines. Our product portfolio also includes cable vibration damping – from computer simulation and recording using specially developed measuring devices to implementation with the help of damping elements.


Substations are complex yet vital elements in power transmission networks. As well as ensuring minimal loss, they also have to guarantee maximum operational reliability. PFISTERER products form low-loss, maintenance-free and durable connections across the entire transmission chain.

The dry, plug-in CONNEX system allows for power transformers to be fully equipped with plug-in connections: When combined with the CONNEX surge arrester with solid insulation, the touch-proof CONNEX cable terminations on both the high and low voltage side can help to create compact substations. Plug-in bushings are also available for outdoor connections.

MV-CONNEX multiple cable terminations form compact and completely maintenance-free connections to the distribution network. In outdoor substations, cable terminations and outdoor switchgear clamps connect the individual components, while porcelain or silicone insulators provide the necessary insulation. We also provide voltage testers and custom-designed earthing and short-circuiting fittings for assembly and maintenance work.


A full portfolio for all extra high voltage cables


An extensive range of dry terminations for high-voltage cables


A good connection guaranteed for high-voltage cables


The universal connection system for cables, transformers, and GIS


Together with our subsidiary LAPP Insulators, PFISTERER is your experienced global systems partner for insulators and insulator strings up to 1.000 kV


The world's largest range of plug-in and built-in cable fittings.