Reliable and maintenance-free contact line systems are vital for disruption-free operations in electric railway and tram systems. PFISTERER also offers a full range of reliable components for this area of application.

Modern railway lines place new demands on contact line tensioning systems: High-speed routes that include lots of tunnels need tensioning equipment that is easily integrated into the tunnel design. The trend for tram systems, on the other hand, is to take a more aesthetic approach.

TENSOREX, the spring-actuated tensioning system, is a solution that suits both areas of application. Unlike conventional glass and porcelain insulators, our tried-and-tested silicone composite insulators are robust, self-cleaning, and ultra lightweight. Terminals and custom-made droppers using screw or compression technology make up the portfolio of traditional products, which are based on 50 years of experience in development and operations. The range also includes assembly tools, voltage testers, and earthing and short-circuiting fittings.

PFISTERER has been supplying products for electric railway systems for over 50 years. Our products have been installed in underground railway networks, tram systems, and high-speed routes all over the world, making them the benchmark for railway operators.



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