CrossPower: Smart Energy for a Better Quality of Life

Areas affected by catastrophes or crises, remote villages, tiny islands or mining settlements – power is often unavailable at the places where it is needed most of all. Normally, diesel generators provide the necessary energy in cases like this. Around 130 million liters of this expensive commodity are used for this purpose all over the world. So why not use existing sources of energy like the wind or sun instead? The problem is that renewable energy sources can't always ensure a stable enough supply to operate critical systems, like medical apparatus or communication technology, at all times.

For the first time ever, CrossPower can combine wind power and photovoltaics with conventional energy from diesel generators. Thanks to the intelligent energy management system, power is cost-effective and environmentally friendly while still remaining disruption-free. No matter where you need it. The portable system by PFISTERER fits into two standard containers and can be expanded quickly and easily thanks to plug-in modules with no need for specialist engineers. As a true team player, it is also equipped with intelligent interfaces so that it can tap into existing power grids or generators. Its remote monitoring function also allows it to be serviced from any location.

CrossPower at a glance

  • Combines renewable and conventional sources of energy
  • Intelligent energy management prioritizes renewable energy
  • Mobile and compact design allows for storage in two standard containers
  • Touch-proof and can be installed without specialist engineers
  • Secure remote monitoring available