The Emergency "Transformer to Go"

The light goes out, elevators and subway trains grind to a halt, public life breaks down – the risk of blackouts is increasing worldwide due to transformer failure, triggered by natural phenomena such as storms, lightning, and floods. Furthermore, outdated technology in the USA is increasingly leading to failure of central power transformers. They have been in use for decades, making them prone to faults. Since virtually every transformer is one of a kind, it takes up to twelve months to build a new one, transport it to its application site, and install it.

However, electricity is essential today – hardly anything works without it. This is why PFISTERER, together with transformer manufacturers, has developed an entirely new emergency concept based on mobile transformers. Built light and compact, they can easily be transported to where a faulty transformer needs to be replaced. Thanks to the pluggable, touch-proof CONNEX connection system, they are 75% quicker to install. This means that the power supply can be restored within a few hours after a blackout.

To truly create a “transformer to go”, our engineers have met high standards: all of the equipment needed for smooth connection of the emergency transformer fits into a standard shipping container.

Besides connection technology for the emergency transformer, we have modified and redeveloped a range of products, such as the drive mechanisms of cable drums for the HV and MV connecting cables that are up to 60 m in length and weigh over a ton. They have a drum drive that stays in operation even during a power failure using the compressed air system of the transporter truck. PFISTERER's perfect range of equipment also includes the cables that are equipped with fittings, tested, and preassembled. They are pluggable, highly flexible, and can be combined and extended by means of CONNEX connection joints. The concept is thought through to the very last detail: To connect the cables to the joints, lint-free cleaning cloths and gloves are supplied and are at hand as is pre-portioned grease to lubricate the connectors.

The project at a glance

  • New concept makes power transformers mobile
  • Reliable power supply within a few days after a blackout
  • CONNEX connections allow for a compact design that is easy to transport by truck or train