Klus – A Substation That You Can Touch

When it came to designing the new Klus substation in the Swiss town of Solothurn, all efforts were concentrated on a single goal: achieving ultimate personal safety. That was because simple maintenance and the speedy replacement of damaged parts are both essential for reliable, problem-free operation.

Thanks to cable connections and surge arrestors from the HV-CONNEX range, the transformers are now touch-proof throughout. Adjustable dummy plugs on the MV connections offer flexible earthing options while the MV arresters provide protection against voltage surges. As a result, the maintenance team can carry out any necessary work quickly and efficiently without needing any complicated safety equipment. What’s more, CONNEX not only reduces running costs, the plug-in design makes the system easy to install, thus saving time and effort during assembly.

At a glance

  • Touch-proof transformers at the Klus substation
  • HV CONNEX arresters installed directly onto the transformer for impressive personal safety
  • Simple maintenance cuts costs and boosts reliability